Get the Picture?

We closed the glamping site last November. The whole winter stretched ahead of us.  We made a list of all the things we were going to tackle. All those jobs we had been ignoring were going to be done, once and for all. It was an ambitious list. So much was going to happen!

The wagon was going to be repainted with proper gypsy motifs.We were going to rebuild its undercarriage and replace the dingy rubber tyres with proper iron wheels.

The caravan was going to be reinstated in a much nicer location, with a purpose made pitch and carefully landscaped garden.

My breakfast menu was going to be overhauled. Sure, what else would I be doing on those long winter days only experimenting with hollandaise sauce for my eggs Benedict?

And the great thing was that we had time. Lots of it. Five months in total. And suddenly it’s March. The Winter months have passed, in the blink of an eye.  My abiding memory of them is relentless, driving rain and wind and huddling by the fire with my crochet.



(I did achieve some level of productivity on the crochet front at least! Anyone want a teacosy??)

And now, our first visitors are due in two weeks time and  very little has actually been ticked off that list of jobs.  The new pitch, which we estimated would only take a day to prepare, got waterlogged somewhere back in December and has only resurfaced in the last dry week. Ger is madly spreading gravel as I write this- and, I might add, what a lot of gravel a new pitch takes!

The paint job will have to wait, but I am hopeful that these beautiful iron wheels will find a way to make it home to us from the galvanisers.


Unfortunately they don’t fit in the car and we haven’t got PLAN B in place yet, regarding transportation!

And that just seems to be the story of our lives. All these jobs, which should in theory, be done in no time at all, never are. They stretch on and on and rarely get finished. Our abiding good fortune, for want a better word,  is that our guests are usually blessed with  great imaginations.  When we point out all the things we are going to do next winter, they really get the picture!





5 thoughts on “Get the Picture?

  1. i am kind of delighted that nothing much will have changed for our return visit…….wishing you a great season ….and your breakfast menu – please don’t touch it – was perfect ….

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  2. Oh can so relate to this, exactly the same for us, great intentions over the winter months and then boom, we have guests in 2 weeks and nothing is done, refreshing to hear we’re not the only ones!! Here’s to a good season, it always seems to have a way of working out anyways!!


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