D is for Directions #atozchallenge

We live in a small community in a remote area in the West of Ireland.  It is really, really hard to find us. Why is this a problem? Well, a lot of the time it isn’t. However, as we run a glamping  business, it is essential that people can locate us.

Communicating with guests about our location is difficult. Some people are great. They plug in their sat nav and find us with no fuss at all and that is a big relief. Other guests prefer to travel instinctually and don’t bother too much with boring and lengthy details about where they’re meant to turn left, or keep going.

Many guests flake at a certain point and turn back.e.g. ‘Even though it says 1.6 km on her directions sheet, I don’t actually believe it’s possible that anyone could live up here!!’ An inner voice kicks in and tells them, ‘Turn around.  Go back to civilisation’

But, they’re wrong. We do live at the end of this track.  And when they get here,  people love the fact that we are so far away from it all.   They are  woken up in the morning by bird song and not by traffic noise. On a clear night, they look up into the  sky and see forever. They forget their stressful jobs and their busy lives and chill for a precious little while.

I  cannot chill until they arrive safely on my door step and I know that they are not lost out there in the wilderness, phoneless, scared and regretting the day they ever booked a stay at Chez Shea!

A case in point was yesterday. My guests were due to arrive at 5pm. By 7pm I was worried. At 7.30, we receive a call. ‘We’re kind of lost, what should we do?’

This is a hard question to answer. ‘It all sort of depends on what point you got lost at.’

We try to establish some markers. ‘Well, there’s a big mountain on the left and some sheep.’

‘OK, I think it’s best if you find a sign post and ring us back.’

Twenty minutes later there’s another call. ‘Help! We’ve driven into a quarry!’

Ger and I look at each other. There are no quarries anywhere near us. ‘OK. Just keep looking for that sign post and we’ll be able to help you.It’s important to stay calm.’

Thankfully they find a signpost some time later and we are able to give directions. They take longer than they should to get to us, and I send multiple texts.

‘Where are you? Shall I come and meet you in my car? Are you OK?’

They sound a little elderly. I hope they aren’t traumatised somewhere on the side of the road.  I realise that at this point, I am now officially traumatised myself.

Half an hour later, they roll in. We make them tea and they settle into the wagon for the night. I drink a glass of wine and unwind.

This morning, I knock on their door and give them breakfast. They slept really well. They are a lovely couple. They smile at me beatifically. ‘You know what?’ They say. ‘We’ve had a great holiday.’ ‘Good’ I say. I really mean it. I want people to enjoy themselves.

‘The best thing that happened to us was getting lost. It was such an adventure!’




10 thoughts on “D is for Directions #atozchallenge

  1. Would-be glampers should note that the road to Chez Shea is actually paved and suitable for ordinary cars without needing four wheel drive. It is narrow and twisty in places but Marie’s place is not actually at the end. It gets even narrower and twistier beyond!

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  2. Charley and I have traveled the West Coast of Ireland from Galway to Kerry and we’ve stayed in Shannon, Kindle, and Killarney at various times. It is quite lovely and we’ll make sure we plan a stay in your Caravan some time in the future. Clare

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    1. Kinsale was one of my favourite spots when we lived in Cork. We often went there for a Sunday drive. The whole west coast is very scenic. It would be lovely to meet you and your husband. I would love to show you our area.

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      1. Marie, I would never return to Ireland without stopping off to see you. I agree that the west coast is gorgeous. I’ve driven the Ring of Kerry twice and would love to take Charley back to golf the courses there. We played a few rounds in Kinsale and Killarney.Kinsale is the sister town for Newport, Rhode Island. Thanks, Clare

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      2. We are only half an hours drive from Kenmare- which is on the Ring of Kerry. Am really looking forward to meeting one of these fine days! Oh- there’s a lovely golf course in Kenmare too.

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