F is for Far Flung #atozchallenge



So today’s challenge is F- and it’s not F for Fatigue, even though a daily blog can be hard going! It’s F for all the far flung places I long to go to.

The urge to travel is strong in me. And yet, I have a similarly powerful urge to stay put, to grow roots, to provide a home for my teenage kids, bake bread and surround myself with animals and plants and endless projects…

But you know what? Life is full of contradictions. I’m good with where I am- most of the time! I did flake a bit during the long, dark, stormy, rain sodden winter we’ve just put down. But we hung in there and now it’s passed and things are growing again.. and I’ve come out of hibernation.

And what I want to talk about is the idea of ‘virtual’ travel. It’s kind of like watching shows on the telly about crocodiles in the swamps of Alabama. You’ve never been there but you get a good sense of what’s going on.

And that’s what it’s like hosting guests on our glamping site.

I love the fact that guests from all over the world come to us. It gives me such a  buzz, that potentially, someone….anywhere at all in this lovely planet of ours, might be looking at my little  website and saying,  ‘Let’s spend at night at Chez Shea.’

Last March, we had a lovely lady come and stay with us. The one thing I worried about was that she might be cold.  I put extra blankets and a hot water bottle in the caravan. In the morning I quizzed her. ‘Are you sure you’re not perished down here?’ She looked at me and said. ‘For me, it’s really quite balmy here at the moment.’

Balmy in Ireland in March??? Are you mad??? I didn’t say that, of course, but I thought it. Anyway, we got talking and it turned out that she came from Arctic Canada. How cool is that? Well, apparently it’s really cool, as in temperatures are down to -40. She said that when she looks out of her window at night, she can see floating icebergs. I can’t even imagine what a floating iceberg might look like. She’s also a police woman and she’s doing a Phd on social issues in the Inuit community. I was totally intrigued by her and her story.  That morning, I came back up to the house- washed up, ironed the bed linen, fed the dogs ect, ect, ect …  but a big part of me wasn’t here at all. It was in Canada- Arctic Canada.





7 thoughts on “F is for Far Flung #atozchallenge

  1. That’s so true Marie, hearing about other peoples travels, adventures and just their daily lives is inspiring. I haven’t traveled much myself but take great pleasure hearing about other people’s stories.

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  2. LOL, that cold thing is all relative, isn’t it? I grew up in California, where, as a child, I thought people would die if it got below freezing, and now, living near Chicago, freezing seems mild to me. 🙂 At least, in winter. 😉

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  3. I’m also from northern Canada, but what’s considered the “Near North” of the James Bay, rather than the “Far North” of the Arctic. I’m all too familiar with -40C temperatures. The coldest I ever experienced was -55F. Not fun.

    … although I’ve never experienced an Irish winter of rain and wind, so I’ll reserve judgement as to which one is worse. Damp, windy days feel like a frozen knife cutting through you. That’s not fun either.

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