G is for Guinness and MILK!!#atozchallenge


is for Guinness and  Guinness is good for you!  It is as quintessentially Irish as the rain. Everyone, everywhere has heard of Guinness. The Guinness marketing machine is second to none- all those epic, heartwarming images of manly frothiness. It’s enough to make you run into the nearest pub….

images guines


But enough of that. What I want to talk about is the less well known variation of the black stuff, known as, ‘milk stout.’ It consists of mixing equal parts guinness with milk and stirring well so that it doesn’t curdle. In more traditional times it was  regarded as a tonic and beneficial for the blood. My late mother fondly recalled being given a daily dose of guinness and milk after she gave birth to my three siblings. Her doctor was a firm believer that it helped, ‘build women up’ after the traumas of childbirth.

Anyway, my mother retained a lifelong conviction that Guinness was actually good for you, and manys the milk stout we shared on a warm summer’s evenings. It really is a delicious drink- cool, creamy, and oddly fortifying! So my blog suggestion for G day, is to prepare yourself a milk stout, put your feet up, and take your time. Remember, ‘Good things come to those who wait!’




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