I is for Ironing….#atozchallenge


To iron or not to iron? That is the question I ask myself as I approach my third season as an airbnb host on our little glamping site in the hills

Yes, I know it’s a pretty trivial question. There are a lot more important questions that could be asked in this life.  But it is one I grapple with.

As I write this, I’m imagining my younger self, rolling her eyes in disgust. I hear her voice in my head.

Younger Self  ‘Hey, you’re meant to be a feminist. What’s all this stuff about sheets and ironing. What about changing the world, making a real contribution….??’


Me ‘ mumble, mumble….well the guests comfort is really important to me, and I like things to be nice..’

Younger Self  ‘Nice???Is this what it’s come to?  I’m working my socks off here, studying hard (a.k.a partying all night) to get you a good degree to do what with, dither about your ironing?  I don’t think so.’

Me  (getting assertive) Well, young lady. Somebody  has to try and keep things nice. How often do change your sheets, by the way..or, clean the toilet for that matter?’

Younger Self  (mumble, mumble) ‘Never, mum does that …’

And there we have it. Mum did do all that. And now I’m a mum and a bnb host, I do all that stuff too. And it is pretty boring ….mind numbingly boring.   But that doesn’t answer my questions. Should I iron or not?

Logically I don’t think it matters, so long as bed linen is freshly laundered and folded.  Surely that’s enough? I’ve had a lot of reviews over the past couple of years. and only one person ever, has commented on my nicely ironed laundry.

(Actually, when she did, I was overcome with joy that she’d noticed. Thanks Alison!!)

Most guests comment on the landscape, the peace and quiet, the welcome.

Guests like nice breakfast and cake. They like dogs. They like to chat and relax. They do like things to be clean but they don’t seem overly bothered by wrinkle free sheets.

Let’s ask my older, wiser, future self for some help here.

Older self ..’ Speak up, I can’t hear you. Us O’Sheas all go deaf you know!’

Me.. damn, I forgot that…shouting now…’Should I iron my sheets?’

Older self ‘ It’s up to you, dear’

Me..’Ah come on… you’re meant to know this stuff.’

Older Self…’Whatever you do, find the zen moment…if you are ironing the sheet, be one with the sheet. It is part of life. Resistance is futile… Now go away.’

Well, she was pretty useless.  Be one with the sheet, whatever next!  

I forget all about my ironing and ponder on a deeper more profound question.

At what future point am I going to start sounding like Yoda from Star Wars? 















10 thoughts on “I is for Ironing….#atozchallenge

  1. Chez Shea…found your blog by way of The Spectacled Bean. Your ironing dilemma is not lost on me. On one hand, there was my grandma, straight out of the 50s, who would never ever NOT iron. Then there’s me, who rarely irons–in fact, I’ve structured 95% of wardrobe specifically for its ironing-free aspect. But…sheets today seem to wrinkle fiercely and I secretly hate that they are all wrinkled. I know that it absolutely does not impede my (or my family’s) ability to sleep…but my waking self longs for crisp, smooth sheets, as if having that one thing would magically transform the day’s chaos into serene order everywhere throughout the house! Still…I can’t bring myself to iron ’em…I guess I’m not up to facing either my younger feminist self or my older, (presumably) wiser self! 😉

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  2. And that is the thing, there is nothing nicer than crisp, fresh sheets! Such a luxury, but then such a drag to have to make them crisp and fresh! Thanks so much for dropping by. Sorry to see that you had to drop out the atoz challenge. Really hope things are OK with your grandma.


  3. stop IRONING the sheets! now ironing your undies is the thing to do!
    NB: I think we all have a bit of our mums in our brain: i scrub my kitchen sink til it’s shiny and white and I look around like i’m so proud and think, does anyone other than my MOM think my white sink is magnificent? I needed the pat of approval so I went on facebook and asked my girlfriends. they all said yes it was marvelous. So, if it makes you feel good do it. but srsly, no one else will notice.

    BTW where is this bnb located? I think i’m the ironed sheets inspector.

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    1. Good advice! I’d like to stop ironing. Just needed someone to tell me it’s OK. I can relate to the sink as well. What a burden housework is!! – Bnb is in the west of Ireland.


  4. I had to laugh – I iron my husband’s work clothes every night. And ironing seems to be becoming a lost art. I think it’s awesome you iron the linens for your BnB. If it were me, I’d probably be lazy about it and just do pillowcases and hems, lol.

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  5. For a long time, it was certainly lost on me! Would not win any awards for diligent housework, here. ! I think sticking to pillowcases and hems is good advice. It would certainly be a lot quicker.

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