J is for January Storm #atozchallenge


This is a little poem for kids, I wrote last January, when the winds were howling outside my bedroom window and I couldn’t sleep. Anyway, I got to thinking there might well be sea hag out there in the Atlantic Ocean stirring things up! I called her Salty.




The January Storm

I am Salty, the Sea Hag,

all mad and wild and briny.

I cough and smoke another fag,

my eyes tear filled and scaly.

And speak in sombre, throaty tones

though no one ever hears me,

of anchor chains and rusty things

and sailors drowned in duty.

But now the night is over

and all the fleet is sunk.

I laugh at all the fun I’ve had

Rampaging on the brink.

The sea dog’s run for cover

in the cracks between the stones.

The thunder’s made him edgy

as he gnaws upon the bones.

I am Salty, the Storm Witch,

keeper of the deep.

Chaos follows where I tread

And all the children weep.


10 thoughts on “J is for January Storm #atozchallenge

  1. Wannabe? You ARE a writer! And a good one.

    And it’s interesting to see your dark side. I didn’t know you had one. I wonder what your kids think. Children may weep, but teenagers often love gruesome stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blogs Marie, they are all so varied and different from each other, I never know what to expect and it is that surprise aspect, like with the poem, that I look forward to the most. Thank you!


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