K = is for Knitting and Stitching#atozchallenge


I have always knitted. I find it kind of therapeutic. All that repetitive movement lulls this overactive brain of mine into a happy stupor. It’s like a productive form of meditation- you get to chill out but you also end up with something nice to show at the end of it. Last Autumn, I went to Dublin for the annual Knitting and Stitching Show in search of inspiration and camaraderie. I found bucket loads of both.

The Knitting and Stitching Show is the cultural equivalent of the World Cup for ladies of a certain vintage.  Busloads of women descended from every parish in Ireland. It was wonderful. And, it wasn’t all about tea cosies and doilies either. ( Even though, I am a big fan of tea cosies and doilies!! )

The exhibited work was mind blowing. Some of it was really funny and quirky. knitting one

Sequinned fish and knitted chips for dinner!

Some of it was just plain beautiful.

knitting 4

Some of it was heartfelt and challenging.  I recall one particular piece, which explored the issue of domestic violence using fabric and stitching.

What I loved about the knitting and stitching show was the accessibility and sheer unpretentiousness of it.  It really is a celebration of all things textile. More than that, it is a celebration of women and their creativity.  It is a day to remember that our mothers taught us to knit at the age of 8, and to resolve to teach our daughters to do the same.

Note to Jude….no wifi tonight, we’re knitting, girl !!





11 thoughts on “K = is for Knitting and Stitching#atozchallenge

  1. I have such respect for anyone who knits – I’m a novice and my efforts tend to look like a drunken sailor attempted them. The Knititng and Stitching show sounds marvelous and filled with inspiration.


    1. Thanks Deborah for dropping by. Keep going with the knitting! It really doesn’t take long before you get respectable results from your efforts. It just sort of clicks into place after a while!


  2. I love this post. The show must have been amazing ! My mom taught me how to knit, but I really didn’t do the fancy stuff, to knit jerseys was our thing. Those were special times I treasured with my mom. Today, I have the wool for a jersey which I have started and pulled out…no pattern, now I just must get going again, otherwise everyone is just going to be receiving a scarf ! 🙂 I do find it calming really 🙂

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