M is for Blog Monster #atozchallenge

Mblog monster


  1. Blog monsters are happiest when roaming the virtual plains of blogland.
  2. In general, blog monsters are sociable and docile creatures who like mixing with others of their kind.
  3. An untrained blog monster will  hijack any conversation in an attempt to talk about it’s blog.
  4. The month of April is a very important time in the life cycle of a blog monster. For present purposes, it shall be referred to as ‘blog season.’
  5. Throughout its season, monsters undertake daily challenges comparable to initiation rites and rites of passage in many indigenous cultures.
  6. During blog season, the monster may experience extreme agitation  if it is  denied access to its computer.
  7. Blog monsters have been known to snap and snarl if interrupted whilst at blogging practice.
  8. The monster will, however, become animated and playful if somebody likes, comments or follows its blog..
  9. The appearance of the blog monster may deteriorate over the month of April as blogging activity intensifies.
  10. The blog monsters offspring can become fractious and unruly. Mutinous cries of, ‘Oh no, mum’s blogging AGAIN,’ ring out in homes across blogland.
  11. The condition and smell of the monsters lived habitat also deteriorates during this time as normal housework duties cease.
  12. Blog monsters and their families graze on ready made meals and sandwiches during the all important season.Daily caffeine intake of the monster increases three  fold.
  13. The blog monster is prone to sleep disruption as it’s mind never really rests and it drinks too much coffee.
  14. It is important to note that after  periods of intense blogging , the  blog monster may appear confused and disoriented.  With patient, loving attention, it’s equilibrium can be restored.
  15. A period of hibernation may well occur at the end of blog season. This is natural and should not cause undue concern.

Do you know of any blog monsters out there???




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