T is for Buried Treasure #atozchallenge





T.jpgLast night I was lying in bed pondering the T challenge. The idea popped into my head that I could write about buried treasure, and then I drew a blank.  Apart from liking pirate stories, I couldn’t think of much to actually say about the subject.  Then I fell asleep, and had a dream.  It was a really weird dream.

In the dream, Ger and I were off on holiday somewhere exotic. I went off on my own for a few hours to explore.  So, off I flew…… as you do in dreams- careful not to rise to far above treetop level, wary of obtrusive telephone wires.

Anyway I flew, ha hum…past a bend in the river and came to some swampy ground. The place was lit up with a sort of luminous haze. It was beautiful but also a bit creepy.  I rested a while in the long marsh grass, and saw to my surprise that there were large chunks of rocks submerged in the mud. Each piece was brick shaped and had a series of cut out geometrical holes shot through it.

I fished one out and flew off.

Note, I was not able to fly quite so high this time due the weight of the rock.

When I got back to our accommodation, I found out that I had visited a place called, Jah.  It was an ancient burial ground used by Cuban witch doctors. Apparently, it was a popular destination for tourists!

Anyway, when I woke up, I thought EUREKA!

This dream was about BURIED TREASURE.

(It may also be about what’s buried deep in my possibly dodgy subconscious, but we’ll draw a veil over that!)

So, what I take from all this nonsense is the fact that my vision of buried treasure is a brick shaped rock, shot with holes.

Why did I consider this rock to be a treasure? Four reasons.

  • I liked its sculptural qualities.
  • I planned to give it to Ger, who is artistically inclined.
  • If he failed to appreciate it, it would look nice in my flower border.
  • It had provenance on account of all the dead witch doctors

What is your vision of buried treasure???








18 thoughts on “T is for Buried Treasure #atozchallenge

  1. That is an EPIC dream! I think it was suggesting that there is treasure in your business that you just haven’t found yet. Not necessarily something actually buried on your land, but a spot or a theme that would add to what you have going on. Like make that cave site you mentioned. That’s kind of buried I suppose, and sounds like a treasure of a place. 🙂

    Whatever it means, lol, it’s still an amazing dream! Don’t you wish we could record them sometimes?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So is this an A-Z Challenge anxiety dream?
    I envy you your low-flying dream. I haven’t had one of those for I don’t know how long–maybe not since my 20s, maybe even longer. And I like the image of you not being able to fly quite so high, weighed down by that rock.
    Cheers, J


  3. Hi Josna- so you’ve had flying dreams too? My husband and kids think I’m making this stuff up- but over the years I do have them from time to time. Exhilarating, but alarming at the same time. This particular time it made me laugh, because it was so full of practical middle aged stuff- like avoiding the telephone wires!


  4. Did you eat something a bit off before retiring? Tee-hee. I thought this post was great!!! I had trouble with T as well, which you would think wouldn’t be the case at all since so many words start with T.


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