The Mysterious Mr. X #atozchallenge


X     Imagine if X was a person. What sort of person would he be?

Based on what we know of X from his infrequent appearances in the English language, I would guess that X is a man.  X  just doesn’t feel to me like a woman- and that is despite the fact that way back when we were all just gametes, us ladies required two x chromosomes to kick off, whereas those of us who are not ladies developed from X Y chromosomes!  Interestingly, the role of the  said ‘X’ Chromosome was discovered by the American geneticist Clarence McClung in 1901. Clarence, being a person of xy derivation.

Biology bit over (Phew!)

Is Mr X a bit of a show off?? I think so. He likes to punch above his weight given that even the Oxford English Dictionary, which contains a lot of obsolete stuff, only has around 400 words beginning with X.

Is Mr X a man of science and technology?? Patently so.  Interestingly X-rays were discovered and named by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. Note, this champion of X was a Wilhelm and NOT a Wilhelmina.

Is he mathematically minded? Yes. So much so, that he inserted himself in mathematical symbology as a sign for multiplication in 1631. His champion on this occasion was one, William Oughtred. Not only is he mathematically inclined, he thinks big- EXPONENTIALLY so. Not for him, the diminutive role of little -.

Does X involve himself in the language of emotions? I think not. Does he involve himself in the language of love? I think not. Does Mr X like like clear, direct and simple communication? No, no, no. He makes xero effort on this front.

But, this is not to say that he is without his finer feelings, his softer side…And interestingly the first reference in The Oxford English Dictionary to the use of ‘x’ for a kiss was in 1763.

I would go so far, as to say that our Mr X is a bit of a strange fish. Indeed, the Greek letter Xi, which gave birth to Mr X originated from a letter called ‘samekh’ in, none other than the fabulous PHOENICIAN alphabet- and guess what it represented??? A FISH

Anyway, I stand firm. Mr X is a Mr, and a mysterious one at that! It’s just a hunch I have. Even the great old man of English literature had little to say about X, The only word or name starting with X in any play by Shakespeare is ‘Xanthippe’ who appears in, ‘The Taming of the Shrew,’ which is not renowned for its feminist sympathies!!

So, our duty to Mr X is done.

He can leave now.

EXIT. Stage Left.






14 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. X #atozchallenge

  1. I think the poor letter X has been maligned by the english language. It’s a perfectly good letter that can and should stand on its own merit, and yet convention requires that we insert a redundant E in front of X words … like eXit.

    Small wonder then that Mr X is a bit of a recluse.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. X foxed me too, but since it’s my first A to Z, I enjoyed the hold it had on me for almost 20 hours before the idea was born and X was put to paper (or screen, in this case.)
    Really enjoyed this post. Thank you for a meaty X, despite his lean appearance in Oxford dictionary:)


    1. Oh thanks.Glad you enjoyed it. Had sleepless nights over Mr X. It’s my first time doing the blog challenge too. I must pop over to see how you negotiated the tricky X man!


  3. Oh!!!! good job on X. Mr. X should meet Xerophina the Xanthocomic Xanthippe – which is what I did X on last year for the challenge. I always fret about the X because you are right there are so few words that start with X that you can write anything about.
    Brilliantly done!!!!!


    1. Thanks so much! I am very intrigued by Xerophina- she sounds awesome. Will have to pop over and check here out. She if she’s the lady my Mr X has been waiting for !


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