The Yeti Comes to Kerry#atozchallenge

Y.jpg I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Yetis. Big, hairy human like creatures living way up in the Himalayas. Well, we have mountains here in Co. Kerry. We’d like a Yeti too. It’s just not fair!!


My husband also wanted a Yeti, a Skoda Yeti. Anyway all the Yeti talk inspired my youngest son Iarla (age 12) to write a little story, and here it is. Our Y day offering.

Over to you Iarla. I’m having a day off!!

The Yeti Comes to Kerry 

It was a lazy Thursday afternoon and Kieran was playing games on his computer. A big, flashing banner appeared on the top of his screen. ‘CONGRATULATIONS,’ it read. ‘YOU HAVE WON A HIMALAYAN YETI!

He nearly fell of his chair in fright. “I’ve won a yeti,’ he shouted. His mum came and looked at the screen. ‘Don’t be silly,’ she said. ‘They don’t exist.’

Several months later, he came home from school to find a huge, wooden crate sitting outside his front door. ‘Mum,’ he called, ‘what’s in the crate?’

‘I don’t know. It arrived for you this morning,’ she replied.

Just then the crate gave a big lurch. Kieran jumped back in surprise. He knocked cautiously on the crate, ‘is any body in there?’ he said. The box gave a grunt. Kieran peered through a crack in one of the boards and spotted a big, hairy HIMALAYAN YETI. It had finally arrived.

Just then the parish priest drove by, ‘What’s in the crate?’ said Father. ‘It’s a yeti’ Kieran replied, ‘but I don’t know what to do with it.’ ‘Oh my word, a YETI in Kerry! I have never heard the likes of that. I’ll have to call the bishop and have him blessed.’

Minutes later Mylie Shea drove by in his tractor. He was on his way to the mart. ‘What’s going on here?’ he asked. ‘We’ve got a YETI on our hands,’ replied Father. Mylie hopped off his tractor and grabbed his gun ‘I’ll take care of him, he’d only chase the sheep,’ he said.

‘I hope you have a licence for that gun!’ said Garda Sullivan who happened to be walking by. He strode over to the crate and looked in. ‘It’s clear to me that we have to take him into custody. I’ve heard those YETIS are awful trouble-makers!’

Mag Hanley had been watching everything that was going on from her bedroom window. She owned the B&B across the road. She marched over to them and said ‘No, no, don’t do that. I’ll take him. He’d be a novelty for the tourists. I’ll get him stuffed.’

‘Hang on,’ said Kieran. “ I think you’re forgetting he’s my YETI. I don’t want to do any of those things.’ Unfortunately for Kieran nobody heard what he said because they were shouting about how they’d like shoot him, arrest him, and possibly stuff him for the tourists. Of course Father didn’t join in with the shouting because he knew better than to fight.

All the shouting and roaring terrified the poor YETI. With a loud roar he burst up through the wooden planks and bounded up the mountain, never to be seen again.


29 thoughts on “The Yeti Comes to Kerry#atozchallenge

  1. That is a brilliant story, Iarla, full of suspence, with a very good ending. I really enjoyed reading it. You have definately inherited your mother’s writing talent.

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  2. Great story Iarla there’s a story teller in you. I’m going to be scanning the mountains of Kerry next time I’m down.


  3. Is there going to be a sequel? Does the Yeti ever come back, or is he so terrified by these monstrous, gun-wielding people he disappears into the forest forever? That was a great story!!!!!


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