Blog Tending

If my blogsite was a garden, it would be overgrown and weedy. If it was a house- it would be a pretty messy one, dishes unwashed- laundry undone. Good job it’s neither of those things. But I do feel bad that I’ve neglected it and my blogging buddies.

OK, so what’s been happening?

I’ve been a bit preoccupied. A few weeks ago, my dog went off her food. Since then, she’s been to the vet several times and had several courses of treatment. We’ve been ruling things out. And I’ve been holding off blogging because I wanted to write a nice happy blog about her recovery- along the lines of- phew, what a scare we’ve had, but all’s well now.

I thought there might be a bit of humour in there. We’ve had a lot of laughs with Willow. There was the time she ruined the kids easter egg hunt by finding their eggs before them. She even eat the wrappers! And then there was the time she eat a whole bag of frozen falafel.  And I’d probably mention what a good girl she is, and how intelligent she is, and how loyal.  And those eyes of hers- pools of hazel. We picked the wrong tree to call her after.

I haven’t tended my blog lately, but I have been tending my dog. We’ve all been showering her with love. If love could keep dogs well, she’d be mighty. But it can’t and she’s not. Turns out she’s got a tumour and it’s pretty bad.

On the positive side, she doesn’t know she has a tumour- so she’s not suffering existential angst. We’re doing that for her. She’s not suffering at all. Her form is good. The meds are making her feel OK. When things change, we’ll know it’s time to help her exit with dignity.

And in the face of life’s random blows, it’s good to take comfort in the small things-like blog tending.



53 thoughts on “Blog Tending

  1. *hugs* I’ve been thinking about you, thinking I haven’t seen you in so long – now I know why. 😥 I’m so awfully sorry about your fur baby.

    It’s good to take care of her, to tend to her. She’s been a good and loyal friend to you, and that weighs so much more than a blog.

    And we’ll still be here whenever you’re able to come back.

    Sending good thoughts. Maybe there will be a miracle. 🙂

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  2. Marie, I am so sorry to hear about Willow’s illness. It’s heart breaking for you all, you raised her so well from a small puppy to the loving, big and gentle dog that she is now. She really is a credit to you all, such a beautiful and loyal dog. It is good that she is oblivious to her condition, and with your continued love and care for her, she will hopefully live the remainder of her life happy and comfortable.

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    1. AMEN! We’re usually destined to outlive our dogs and cats several times over. A few animals, like giant turtles, outlive us, but they’re not very cuddly.

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    2. Thanks Monica- it is so sad to see her getting so thin. But at least we finally know what the problem is. It took a while to get the diagnosis. It’s funny just how attached you get to dogs. I was only thinking of your Toby this morning. He was a great friend to you all. xx

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  3. I am so sorry to hear about Willow’s tumour. Enjoy each moment with her, she may not know about the tumour, or why she is not feeling too great, but one thing for sure, she knows she is loved. Give Willow a special hug from me. xxx

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  4. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry y’all have to have the existential angst over WIllow. 😦
    It must be a difficult time for you. Yes, you’ve been missed, but we all understand.

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  5. I like your metaphors, but blogs do not actually deteriorate if left alone for a while. Existing posts can still be read and reread, something much easier here on WordPress than amid Facebook’s hyperactive clutter.

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  6. I’m sorry to hear about Willow. The one comfort is that she doesn’t have to know and stress about that. She can be loved on and cared for and feel safe even if she doesn’t feel well. My heart goes out to the people in her life because you are the ones who have to know all the stuff no one wants to know. I hope that the meds work and make her feel ok enough to stay with her family for as long as possible. Hugs to you, Willow and the rest of your family. ❤

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  7. I too had wondered where you were. I had hoped you were too busy doing fun things rather than worrisome stuff.
    So sorry to hear about Willow. I’ve had some frightening episodes with my furryface family, so I know how heart breaking it is. Big hugs to all of you ❤


  8. Thanks Joanne- that is so nice. I suppose it is the sad lot of pet owners everywhere to go through this experience at some stage. And I have done it before- it’s just Willow is a bit extra special. x


  9. I’m so sorry Chez.. Dogs are such a big part of our family and it’s just so hard when their time to leave arrives.. I’m thinking about you and send Angel Blessings to you and your family xx


  10. Hi Shea, I was rereading one of my posts from a year ago, that you commented on, and realized I hadn’t been to see you in about that long!
    I can so relate to your first paragraph!
    I’m sorry to hear about Willow. Is she still with you? Or did she pass?

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  11. Oh thanks for thinking of me. That is so sweet. Sadly, WIllow passed away a couple of weeks after I wrote that post. I still miss her. She was one in a million. Hope life is good with you. I feel guilty I haven’t been blogging for a while. Life just get’s a bit hectic and it’s easy to let things slide, even when you really enjoy them. xxxxxx

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