Why blogging appeals to me


I’ve said it before I am a technophobe. I don’t get social media. I tried facebook, but ran out of steam. I don’t do selfies because I am inherently unphotogenic. I promised my teens I wouldn’t post pictures of them- and there are only so many flower and craft project shots a body can manage.

Words, on the other hand, are big for me. Ever since I was small, I’ve enjoyed writing. I probably spent thirty years enjoying words- surreptitiously. I remember writing a report about waste water management (yawn!!) and still thinking there was space to turn a phrase.  Put a bit of a spin on some description. Inject a modicum of humour. Sad really.

Five months ago, I discovered blogging. I’ve taken to it with all the vim and vigour of a convert.

Blogging lights my fire. IT IS MY BIG JOY!

Initially, it was the headiness of thinking that I could write about anything I liked.  Then it was the fact that somebody might read something that I wrote.  As a wannabe writer ( inured to the million rejections clause that accompany the status) the fact that real people were  prepared to  read something I’ve written and engage with it blew my mind.

Then, it got a bit deeper. I started reading other people’s blogs. Again, it took a while to find my people- but when I found them it was like a homecoming.

Other people are writing all this profound, articulate stuff about things that resonate with me. There are bloggers who make me laugh. I love their style, their wit, their sas.

And there are bloggers who make me cry. HATS OFF to the people who share their vulnerabilities. They  are pivotal in helping other people feel less alone.


I love the bloggers who are out there putting mental health on the agenda.

Painful and intense but also transient and RECOVERABLE from.

I just want to express solidarity here. I get it. I have always got it.

And then I get really excited when I find blogs about things I’m interested in-old stuff, art deco stuff, doors, words, old sayings, recipes, crafts and etc.

Then there’s mindfulness. Time after time, I read a blog and it’s just what I need to hear.  I get jolted right out of my comfort zone- and encouraged to right thinking by people who are walking the same road.

There is a lot of talk that screen time is inferior to time spent in other ways. I disagree. For me, time spent in the blogosphere is good time.

Since I’ve started doing this, I feel like I’m getting to know some really interesting, genuine, lovely people. It is a pleasure to check in with them. If I don’t see their posts popping up in my reader, I’ll go and visit. I want to know what their week has brought. I’m sorry if it has brought something difficult and happy if it has brought something good. Often, I’ll get a good laugh along the way.

So what’s not real about that? What’s virtual?

I am blessed to have family, friends and neighbours in the touchy feely world of everyday. I also feel blessed to have friends in the blog world.

So that’s it for today. Thank you the blogosphere and the people who inhabit it. Big virtual hug!!

47 thoughts on “Why blogging appeals to me

  1. If you’re a technophobe I’m a caveman! (Well, I did help paint our name on a cave, as you described in an earlier post.) And you are most certainly photogenic!

    Amen re waste water comedy, mental health and mindfulness. I’ve only recently taking up the last, having dismissed it as mindlessness for years. No miracles yet but I surprised myself by actually being able to do it.

    Thank you for your blog!

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    1. Hey caveman cousin! thanks so much for your lovely comment. Delighted you are trying the mindfulness meditation. I try and give it a go too. My problem is that I can be a bit lazy about making time for it.

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  2. You said this so well Marie. I’m sure there are plenty of us out there that feel exactly the same way. I know I do. Blogging feels real and the connections we make feel like real friendships. But it’s hard to explain to someone that to someone who isn’t a blogger, at least that’s what I’ve found. Great post.

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  3. We have time here. Time to reflect before we “speak”, time to “listen” over and over again if we need to. The words stay right where we can see them. I think that’s part of what makes the communications here feel real. They ARE real, and carefully considered. Time to be respectful because we should, and because it’s what we count on in return. We don’t always have to agree, but we agree to disagree with respect.Like friends.

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  4. Yeah, like you I love to communicate but I hate the ‘bragging’ on fb and similar formats. And the narcissism. And the fact that I am rubbish at it! I have times when I don’t feel like posting anything at all, and so I don’t. Always enjoy reading what you write so keep at it

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  5. Well said, Marie! I wouldn’t call myself a technophobe, as I’m the techie of the family (I’m called the Matrix on such days…), but I can relate to the feelings regarding most social media – I prefer face-to-face contact… and now blog-to-blog. There are some great people out here in Cyberspace that I would otherwise never have had the privilege of meeting, yourself included!

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      1. Just do what Groucho Marks did: He said, “I find television very educational: Whenever someone turns it on, I go into the other room and read a book”. 😉

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  6. Beautifully written and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve made some of my closest friends online. The connection is real. Blogging has helped me feel part of another community and again..the connections are real. I love blogging because I have a lot to say…lol. My mind never stops so having an outlet has been so helpful for me.
    I really love this post. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much. It’s lovely that we can find a warm and welcoming community of people from all over the place-I am so enjoying getting to know fellow bloggers. Like you, I feel my head is always buzzing with things to say, so it’s good to have a space to share it.

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  7. Well said! Your writings are always so conversational and seem to come from the heart. I feel like we are simply having a chat!

    Totally understand what you mean about finding community here. Blogging has the ability to weave threads between like-minded people somehow, and I know I sure appreciate your sharing here as well. It is interesting that you mention the mental health aspect also. Creative expression I think can provide a salve for soothing mental angst at times, and I am always humbled by people who share their stories (and struggles) in such a lovely way in their posts.

    You are not a wannabe writer…you ARE a writer. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much- that is so kind of you. It is such a lovely way to connect with other people- and like all relationships, it doesn’t happen all at once. Over time, you get to know more about people.

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  8. I agree. It’s the coolest thing to know someone online who I’ll probably never meet in person, but through their blog will get to know their struggles and triumphs. We voluntarily connect with each other here in the blogosphere, while in real life there are so many other reasons why we engage with each other. In some ways, bloggers seem more authentic to me than people in real life.

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    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head- the type of connection bloggers have with each other feels really authentic. People are telling it like it is, and it’s so refreshing.

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  9. Blogging has been great for me – even if it’s just to be putting myself and things out there that I wouldn’t otherwise do. Of course, as my blog is 99% pictures of dogs and cats, I’m not sure I’m putting that much of myself out there!

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  10. When I first started blogging, I thought it was all about the “platform.” A place to express yourself. While that’s true, I quickly learned that it’s about community. There is somebody on the other side of the screen! Someone who just might become a friend. 🙂

    I totally agree with you about people who share their vulnerabilities. I am so proud, moved, and envious of them. Their courage just blows me away.

    I loved your cartoon! I think that’s us, my husband and I, lol.

    Big virtual hugs back!

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      1. I know! I feel like I can just reach over and give you a big hug because you’re within arm’s reach to me, right there in the window of my monitor, but then I remember you’re half-way across the world. Until I get really long arms, awesome technology will have to do, lol! 😀


  11. I blog for mostly the same reasons really. I also use the blog as a sort of journal and place to put photographs and, every now and again, I look back over my previous posts to find a date or a comment or a particular image. I sew, knit and generally craft and am a vintage treasure hunter (in both senses of that phrase 😉 ) and most of the people I know aren’t into those things whereas those I meet on my blog mostly are. I’m part of a ‘crafting community’ online that I haven’t been able to replicate in real life and it’s much more fun when you can share your interests with others. I’ve cheered some of my blogging friends on as they’ve taken on challenges in their lives and cried when a couple have succumbed to illness. As somebody else said earlier, the sense of community is hard to describe to someone who doesn’t blog. I don’t post every day – or even every week – it depends what else is happening in my life and whether I can get on to the desktop or not (I prefer to type on a proper keyboard) but I don’t want to feel pressured to post if I don’t want to or have nothing to say because then the fun goes out of it.
    Love your gypsy caravan – my daughter and I stayed in one a few years ago in Cognac, en route from the S.W. of France to Normandy.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It made me smile because like you- I love to knit, sew, craft and I am a keen vintage treasure hunter!! It must be something about the blog community that draws us like minded people together! I look forward to our ongoing contact.

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